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Sister, Sister

My girls are LOVING the little plastic pool from Walmart we got this past weekend.  Literally hours of fun.  Watching the three of them out the back window cracks me up, as I see their sisterly dynamic in its element.

Fill 'er up!  Make sure ya' get the slide good...I don't want my cheeks to stick!

Here sister, I got 'cha.  Try not to slip this time and take out everyone behind you again.

She's gonna slip again, I just know it.  This really should be called "Pool Bowling".

Line order for the slide is very important.  Critical to our sisterhood.  No cuts!

I said, NO CUTS....and BACK OFF!!!!

What???  We're perfect angels, Momma.  These aren't horns, remember? did my hair like this.

Watch this sis.  I'm about to do a triple-luxe-back-flip-tuck....and stick it.

This is the result of momma telling us to pose....hmmm, I wonder who the show off is.
Spotlight Stealer.

*Today's post was brought to you by letter "P" and the number "3".  Also, by the proud Momma of three little she-munchkies.*

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