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New and Improved

Okay, maybe not the "new" part...but definitely much improved.

We have a little Bichon Frise who is the fierce protector of our home (insert heavy sarcasm).  He is fourth generation Bichon from our families.  My in-laws got the first one back when we were still in high school.  My parents have the third generation, and our little spunky guy is the youngest (and last) one left in the family.

Bichons are a great breed.  They don't shed, they're hypoallergenic, and they can be super watch dogs (even though they couldn't hurt much more than a fly, if that).  But, they are great with children.  In fact, ours is extremely protective of baby boy...and me, of course.

One fault of the breed, besides being notoriously difficult to house train, is their continuously growing hair.  Unlike most breeds, a Bichon's hair grows like humans'....therefore, if it goes neglected it ends up looking something like this matted ridiculously.  Gnarly, huh?

When groomed properly, they look prim and proper.  Just like little white fluff balls.  Ever seen one trot in a dog show?  Absolutely adorable.  It makes me want to clap for them.

But when groomed soley for purposes of the owner not wanting to have to take the dog in to get groomed for a good, long resembles a miniature shadow of the above dog, whom I no longer recognize.

"Shouldn't his owner take better care of him???"

You would think.

He's so proud of his new and improved hair cut.  And that he can actually see!  He even gets to snuggle with his humans once more...much to my husband's dismay.

I promised him this would never happen again.  I said, "Little buddy, I will stay on top of that grooming.  We'll keep you pretty and un-matted.  You won't ever be the laughing stock of our neighborhood canines again.  I promise."

But you know what?

It'll probably happen again.  No, I'm pretty certain it will.

In fact, I can make that a promise....

Unfortunately for him.

Signed (with not much remorse),
Neglectful Bichon Mother

P.S.  After owning several female dogs and this being our first male, I think from now on, we'll always have males.  They seem to have a better temperament and demeanor.  Is this common knowledge?  Does everyone feel this way about male vs. female dogs?

The Mrs. & The Momma

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