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In the Nude

The other day when performing a much needed clean out of my makeup drawer (you can see my make-up organization here)....I realized I had tons of unused and empty MAC products hidden way in the back.

Yes!  Score a new lipstick for me!

**If you're not familiar with MAC's recycle program---when you bring back 6 of their makeup containers, you get a lipstick of choice.**

I've been wanting to get either a perfect nude or a really matte red...
and this is what I settled on:
MAC Lipstick in Blankety
The color above looks more pink than it is in real's basically the color of my skin, but with a subtly more nude hue.  It will be ideal to simply swipe on when out and about...or to pair with really made-up eyes.

Love. It.

About the red matte lipstick, I decided against Ruby Woo.  I know, I's the cat's meow and all.  But I just wasn't feeling it.  I actually liked Russian Red better.

The MAC counter guy told me a funny story about watching a drag queen apply Ruby Woo and because of it's severely matte nature, the guy's lady's lips were dragged (ha, no pun intended) halfway across his her face.  The MAC guy supposed this particular drag queen was no spring chicken, and therefore, had less than firm lips.  When I tried it on, it wasn't hard to imagine, as I had to hold my lips like a tightrope myself just to get the stuff on right!  Or maybe it was the chubby baby hands trying to swipe it out of my fingers...either way, it didn't go on very well.

So our lessons learned today are...

1.  Nude lipstick=Makeup Happiness
2.  Save all your MAC containers (remember: 6=free lipstick!)
3.  Do not attempt to apply lipstick (or any precision make-up for that matter) when wearing a one year old with quick hands.

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