Hoodie+Summer=Does Not Compute

hooded cardi (similar): CAbi, cami (similar): Old Navy, skirt and shoes: Target, jewelry: gifts

I don't have a very good defense in response to the question:

"Why on Earth would you be wearing a hoodie on Summer Solstice?!?"

a.)  I was having a very, muy, mucho, very, very bad hair day.
b.)  Hair vanity outweighed maintaining a reasonable body temperature.
c.)  Isn't that what hoodies are for...to wear on one's head?
d.)  All of the above.

So yeah, pretty much to cover my head (answer d).  Luckily, this cardi is a fabulous light-weight knit, so I managed not to sweat too violently.

And that's saying something....because this girl's a sweater.  Not like a cableknit....a SWEAT-ER.

A Perspirerer....er.

Nevermind.  Happy Weekend!!!!!

*Can't wait to show you on Monday the tartan vest I'm wearing to a screening of "Brave"!*

The Mrs. & The Momma

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