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Broochy Love

If there is one thing my accessories collection could stand more of, it would be brooches.
They are so totally versatile.  Like totally.  For sure.

I have a couple of my grandmother's old ones that can be worn both as a pin or as a pendant on a necklace.  Then there are the brooches with the optional pin or hair clip.  What's even better is to wear more than one together in a collage of sorts.  See where I'm going with the whole "versatile" idea?

I think my favorite aspect about brooches is their uniqueness.  I have yet to see a prevalence of "cookie cutter" one does with other types of jewelry, or clothing in general for that matter.  To me, that makes it all the more fun to incorporate into a wardrobe because of their ability to add interest and individuality.
shirt (similar): BR, skirt (similar): thrifted, shoes (similar): JustFab, brooch (similar): CAbi

I also really enjoy wearing a brooch at the collar, as in the below (albeit slightly blown out...feel free to shade your eyes) picture.  Placing a brooch there dresses up an outfit a few notches, and can sometimes be an unexpected way to accessorize.

So the next time you find yourself in a thrift or vintage shop, maybe head on over to the antique brooches and see what gems can be found.  Or if you're not into that, I find it refreshing that stores are carrying plenty of "pinning" options these days.

Here are a few I've seen around lately...I especially love no. 5!


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