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Who ARE these kids?!?

The other evening after my husband got home, we went to our neighborhood pool to cool off a bit.

Last spring, my two oldest took swim lessons that did nothing to help their water skills or timidness in the pool.  They continued to wear floaties and I'd even have to coerce my second-oldest to jump to me in the shallow end.  (None of this applies to my youngest girl...she's crazy fearless.)
"Hey Mommy, watch me throw this in the deep end and then pretend I know how to swim....SIKE."
Daddy was pretty popular with the ladies.
Face in water, kicking legs, forward movement....that looks a whole lot like swimming to me!
I just love baby wedgies.
As evidenced from these pictures, any and all reservations of the pool are long forgotten.  Who ARE these children!?!  It's a total 180 from last year!

We had a great time, which gave me hope for a summer rich with enjoyable pool time.
Me and my little man sat on the sidelines.  We were "too cool" to swim (read: we didn't want to get in the chilly water).  However, my brave girl decided to test her mother's life-guarding abilities, and forced me (and my dress) to come fetch her out of the too deep water....while holding a baby.
Not to worry...her daddy wasn't far away either.  But I saw that gleam in her eye knowing that if I didn't get to her fast, she'd go under soon.

So this summer, I'm putting a life jacket on that one....

And floaties.

And extra sunscreen.

And a kickboard.

And an inner tube for good measure.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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