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Collage Wall

This is our entryway and probably my favorite wall in the house.  I was really happy with how the wall came together, even though it's a fairly simple wall collage.  I love seeing all the inspiring ones on Pinterest....especially the ones that look accidental but totally go together like this one.

I love collage walls.  You can fill up a large space, use all different colors and textures, and get as creative as you want.  I saw one recently that incorporated more of a 3D aspect to the collage with some game mounts intermingled with pictures and other wall hangings....interesting.  It makes me want to go vintage or thrift shopping for some unique pieces to hang.

If you look real close, you'll see some of those pictures hanging slightly off center....ugh, that gets to me.  Excuse me while I go make sure that isn't the current state of things over there.

Okay good, all foyer collage hangings are centered, straight, and accounted for.

If you look real close again, you just might see why my husband's nickname in law school was "Shaggy."  Some of his classmates didn't ever know his real name! Just "Shaggy" or "Shags".  No joke.

I'm so glad we have proof of that shaggy head of hair in our engagement pictures....otherwise, our kids would never believe it.

Need some input for future projects...What do you think makes for an appealing, varietal wall collage? 

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