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Meet Bri

I have a guest blogger here of my sweet sponsors, Bri.  Her blog posts always make me smile (and I envy her hair).  Give her a holla and make sure you check out her Lookbook page for some stylish outfit inspiration!

Hi all of you 'Momma' readers!
My name is Bri, and I'm the shawty behind Breezy Days.
No seriously, I'm 5'3.
So dang SHORT!
Yet I digress...
I'm: sassy, short, curvy, naturally blonde, a braceface {only for another month!} the only blue-eyed one in the fam, married to a Mexican man from Montana, living in Utah for school, and originally from southern California.
Breezy Days is a lifestyle blog that chronicles some of my cuter outfits {and if you don't see my face/hair in some pics? Ya, totes didn't do my hair that day}, some of my daily thoughts/inspirations/advice/opinions, some instagram "Snippet Stories", some "Currently Drooling Over" posts, and my favorite..."Story of Us" posts. 
I write short installments of the story of Ryan {the husby} and I.
How we met, how we got to know each other, how we fell in love, and how we eventually found our special happily ever after.
I'd love to meet you, so stop on by :)
<3 Bri

The Mrs. & The Momma

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  1. I'm a shorty and I love her to check out her blog!!



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