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Day of Birth

Five years ago today, I gave birth to this little one. (She was my easiest labor/delivery.)
My second girl.  My namesake.
She is something special.
Friends of mine tell me that there's just something special about this one.

She is my second-in-command during the day.
Anything I need--she's on it.
Anything I can't find--she knows exactly where it is.
Anytime I want to love on her--she's by my side to snuggle.

At 5 years of age, she is into hair accessories (and fixing hair), make-up, shoes, and she's an awesome stylist.
She's the first to tell me if I look "horrible," as she puts it.  

She loves holding her little brother.
She loves mothering her little sister.
She loves playing with (and pestering) her older sister.

I cannot believe my second child is five already.
Where did the time go?
I ask myself this question each time one of my children has a birthday, but I never have the answer.

She'll be home with me for a few more months, and then she'll be in Kinder...
and then she'll start driving...
and then she'll graduate...
and then after college,
she'll ask to come home and live with her momma and daddy forever...

Because I have a feeling, this one ain't ever gonna leave me.

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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