TxSC Day 2-Mentoring and Posh Party

dress: H&M, blazer: Target, earrings: BR, broach: CAbi, belt: F21, shoes: Just Fabulous
I am pooped out.  Networking with people today was lots of fun and very beneficial.  Talking at an elevated volume for hours upon end with a stopped-up nose, not so beneficial.  Surprisingly though, I felt like I could talk to most of the people there as if I had known them forever....kindred spirits.

This is what I wore to the Posh Party....it was the "dressy affair" of the conference and they went all out.  Everything about the past two days has thoroughly impressed me.  Everyone and everything has been super professional and right on point.  The shear fact that the Texas Style Council is able to be pulled off so well while both SXSW and the Texas UIL state basketball tournament are going on here in town is especially impressive.

So far, I've been fortunate to make several friends at the conference, and I look forward to sharing their wonderful blogs with all of you.

I'll be tweeting throughout the rest of TxSC....you can find me and my updates on Twitter.

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