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High Five: Texas Style Council

jacket and jeans: CAbi, shirt: Walmart, necklace: ModCloth, shoes: Old Navy, headband: F21

5 Things I took away from the TxSC blogger conference:

1.  Fashion bloggers don't mess around when it comes to getting dressed.  I wish I would have taken some outfit pics of some of the especially unique and fashionable bloggettes.

2.  Brands are willing to partner with blogs of all sizes.  I had a definite perception of this until I spoke with several big sponsors of the event, who shed some light on their blogger relations.

3.  Blogging well (or successfully) takes a LOT of time.  I already knew this fact, however, after chatting with some larger bloggers, I was shocked at the number of hours per day they spend networking to grow their blog....or at least at first.

4.  I had a couple of epiphanies over the weekend.  One, being what my vision is for The Mrs. and The Momma.  I would really love to reach out locally and offer women in my area wardrobe consulting services, specifically with what they already own.  Sometimes, we all need a fresh pair of eyes on our closets to help us kick start our style....I know I did.

5.  I thought it was so enlightening to make personal off-line connections with all of these bloggers....some I knew beforehand, most I did not.  What you see on people's blogs is usually the "best" of their lives (or a very edited version of it), so it was super refreshing for me to get to know them in person.  It's important not to get wrapped up in comparisons...this goes for life in general, not just on Pinterest or blogs.  You try to live the best life you can and be honest about it.  Everyone has an inspiring story to just have to sometimes dig a bit under the layers which are presented (in my case, through my blog).  Kendi said it best, "Comparison is the thief of joy."


  1. I LOVE this post! Well put:) It was really nice meeting you. I am linking recap post to my blog's Facebook page and will def. be including yours!

    XO, Joanne

  2. I hope I get to go to the TxSC conference next year. While blogging is a hobby to me, I do put lots of hours into making it grow, and it's a steep learning curve, and I'm definitely learning lots from other bloggers! :)


    Ana Paula



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