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On Somewhat of a Personal Nature

I'm a pretty private person (uh-huh, that's why you share your life on a blog).  I have a handful of friends (and of course my family) to which I share details of my life...however, now that I have a wider reach of communication, I'm wondering how similar of experiences some of my readers may have to me.

I was reading an old post of mine here the other day that I wrote when we moved out of our first and only house.  I loved that house and still get nostalgic whenever I see pictures or think of memories we had there.  But lately, (as in the last four or five months since we've moved), things just haven't been the same....and it's not because I simply miss our old home.

Moving was extremely disruptive for me.  I don't think I can say that about a single event in my life up until now, as I normally welcome change and don't ever much get worked up over life.  Before, I felt like I had things under control.  Yes, I had a newborn baby plus three small children involved in activities, school, etc. plus keeping a house, blah, blah, blah....but I somehow had it down.  Or felt like I did at least.

As of late, I just can't seem to get my feet under me.  I blame it on now being in a two-story house.  I know that sounds silly, but really, there's no other explanation I can come up with.  And furthermore, I don't understand why I can't get it all together.  I did it before.  My baby is even older, which should make it easier, right?  Why can't I seem to now?  It makes me wonder if this is just my new "normal" I'm taking a while to adjust to, or if I will eventually get back to being able to hold down the fort in the "old Kristen" fashion.

Either way, I'm pissed at those damn stairs...because I'm positive they are at the root of all of this discombobulation.

I'd love to know if others have had similar experiences.  And if so, how long was your adjustment period?

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