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Get On the V-Day Boat!

I normally don't get too excited or festive when it comes to Valentine's Day.  My husband and I don't even get each other gifts.  (Although I do have a surprise for him of the eatable nature this year.)  I know that's kinda boring, but homemade Valentine's work just fine for us.  

But after seeing some of the many adorable things lately, I might have now boarded the Valentine's Day boat.

 This mother and baby just melt my heart.  And the heart tie with Babylegs are to die for!  Babylegs are the way into anyone's heart...adorable.  The End.

 Need to make these at my earliest convenience.  Which is approximately now.

 If you had these gloves, you'd need to walk around with your hands cupped like this, or else you would just have two red patches on your hands that people would probably think are there to cover up holes.

 What a visually stimulating array of pink, red, and all things LOVE.  I especially like the cake balls, the heart sweater, and the Kendra Scott earrings!

 I ordered this in Navy, but the reddish/orange would make a great Valentine's date outfit...paired with some pink, of course.

This sweet little printable is cute, but I would spray paint the frame a funky non-Vday a turquoise.

Like whoa.  How is this even done!?  Don't know if it would be worth the trouble, but they're pretty cool.

So I'd like to know....what special little Valentine's accents do you adopt into your life?

Do you wear pink and red a lot?  Or just bake and bake and bake?  Or maybe just dress your munchkies festive?

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