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sweater: Anthropologie, cami: Express, skirt: thrifted, shoes: Steve Madden, earrings: Nordstroms

I really do love this jacket...and I try to wear it as much as our Texas winter allows, but as I have mentioned before, it's a challenge to collaborate an outfit around.  I need some inspiration.  I need to think outside the box, I mean sweater, a little bit more.  Maybe next time, I'll try it over a dress.

This week is busy for us with a birthday party, a baby shower, a much needed hair appointment, and a speech evaluation for my youngest daughter.  But thankfully today, I plan to stay indoors and pretend that it's still the weekend.  The weather is nasty, which is code for nap-weather.

Yeah, right.  What's a nap???

My body doesn't even recognize the word "nap" unless of course we're talking about putting the kids down for one.  Yes, that sounds lovely.

Guess what, Munchkies?  Early naps today!!!

What Honey?'s only 8:11am?  You're not tired yet?

Oh, okay.  Just go play then....maybe run some laps around the house or do 1000 jumping jacks...then we'll talk.

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