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Four-Eyes Times Four

I really enjoyed my Warby Parker try-ons this week, and am hoping to get a new pair of glasses sometime soon.  During this past week of sick babies and the going-ons with our local stock show (husband+pigs=him not home), I didn't leave the house evidenced by my lack of make-up above.  *I apologize for scaring any young children that may see these pictures.

So I have my favorites, but I'd love to get your opinions.  And yes, I am aware there are only four pictures....the fifth pair of glasses made me look like Daryl Hannah in 'Roxanne'.  Besides their not-so-cute factor, they somehow made me look perpetually cross-eyed, hence their absence in the candidates for voting.

Which is your favorite(s)?  I'm totally okay if you vote 'none of them' by the way.



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