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Clothes Naming

So a friend and I were talking a while back about how funny it would be if everyone called their clothes by name.  You know, the name they're given by the designer.  Like the "Gladiolus to Meet You" skirt or the "Dianna Velvet" top.

Everyone know this one's name, right?  Hermes 'Kelly' Bag

Yeah, I think I'm just gonna throw on my 'Sea you in the Water' top with the 'Jacqueline Jeggings' and my 'Leonards' for walking today.  Who knows...maybe I'll switch it up and wear my 'Trohpyette' just in case it gets sunny.

However, for all those boring clothes without a name, such as "silk pintuck button shell" or "modern boot pants", then of course you'd have to name those particular items of clothing.

Now naming might be a process.  For me, I'd have to wear it a few times to feel out its really get a sense if the piece warrants a it speaks to me.  Don't everyone's clothes speak to them?  No?  Well, maybe they don't like you or you're not speaking to them kindly (which is similar to how you would talk to your plants by the way).

Sassy blouse?  Maybe go with 'Catalina.'

Serious and polished suit?  'Deborah' for sure.

Vintage accessory?  'Runs With Gypsies'.

How fun would that make your closet to see all your named items of clothing just waiting to be worn?  I'll tell you one thing-if I had that little number know, the one that rhymes with "belly"...I would for sure be calling its name ALL. THE. TIME.

I think I'll advise my husband that he can go ahead and get on that waiting list so he'll have one to give me by the time our 50th anniversary rolls around.  Because that's about how long it will take to save up the mulla.  Dreaming.

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