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2011 Lookback {and} 2012 Lookahead

I thought since we've already rung in the new year....I'd do both a look back into 2011 and a look forward into what's to come in 2012.

2011 was really a great year....even though it's a blur to me:

-Took our family to Disney World for the first time

-My second child turned 4

-Gave birth to my first boy and fourth child

-My eldest started school and turned 6

-Started blogging about what I wear

-Dance Recital

-Our first beach trip as a family of 6

-Moved out of our first home

-My youngest girl turned 2

-Hosted Thanksgiving for my large family in our new home

-Christmas as a complete family

2012 needs to take it's sweet time:

-Go on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas
-Last time one of my children will turn 1 {sob!}
-Two of our kids will be in school
-My hair will grow.  It better, or I will cut it off again.
-Annual mother-daughter trip (hopefully).  We had to forego last year's because somebody was pregnant and/or nursing.
-I will finish losing my baby weight.

The End.

I'm looking to slow down a bit this year and try to really enjoy motherhood while my children are small.  I plan to give more kisses, more hugs, more apologies, and more time to my family.  Happy 2012!

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