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I took my baby for a prophylactic doctor's appointment today.  Last Christmas Eve and Christmas day is etched in my memory forever due to the extreme sickness my two older girls endured.  Needless to say, I do not want a repeat of last year in any way, shape, or form...or germ.

He's fine.  And I am content with spending my $25 copay to know that nothing is wrong with him going into this holiday weekend.  I guess you can call it 'paying for peace of mind'.

We have a HUGE surprise for I want all of my kids to be on their "A" game Christmas morning in order to fully enjoy the news.

I'll give a little has something to do with this fun thing we did last year.

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  1. STOP IT!!! that is the cutest face ever. those are sure some cheeks. EEEK



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