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Picking Up the Pieces

Christmas Eve
Sisters in their coordinating outfits
All the cousins on Christmas morning
Me and my little bubba
She was wondering which ornament she should pluck off the tree
Baby's first Christmas
Jansen Show Pigs got some signage
I'm not sure what this face was all about.  I just know that my new camera lens is noticeably better and this was the first pic I took with it.
Merry Christmas!
I've been dealing with the slumpy feeling that comes the day or two after Christmas.  Each year I know it's coming...the day after Christmas is so anticlimactic, but there's nothing I can do about it.

So instead of sulking in the fact that I have to start eating better not eat Christmas sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that it's inappropriate to listen to Christmas music every waking hour.....I'm purging old toys, editing pictures, assembling new toys, planning out my strategy for tomorrow's shopping trip and almost bought out the produce department this morning (insert: mental self-congratulations for making good grocery choices).

I'm also letting my house stay messy and full of boxes, wrapping, and bows all over the floor.  Maybe it's to keep the Christmas feeling around here longer, or maybe I'm just lazy.  Take your pick.

I have a feeling our trash guy is going to balk when he sees what we put out on the curb tomorrow morning.  I'm crossing my fingers that he takes it all....isn't he required to???  I sure hope so.

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