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jacket: Kohls, jeans and shirt: Target, boots: Miz Mooz, jewelry: Macy's
I don't have a sister with whom to share clothes.  But I have a cute mom.  One that is practically my size (okay, well, she's a little smaller than me).

Often when we shop, we'll agree to share pieces, which usually means we each buy things that predominantly reside in my closet or hers, until we see the other one wearing it.  This, in turn, results in a conversation that goes something like this...

"Hey, is that mine?"
     "Nope, it's ours."
"I need that back to wear this weekend."
     "Well, come get it from my closet if you want it so badly."
"Just make sure it's clean for me."
     "Uh-huh, okay."

Sometimes, we (read: me) have to just be downright sneaky about it.  It used to not be a problem to raid each other's closets when she lived close, but being 45 minutes away now makes it slightly difficult to share clothes.

See if you can guess which pieces in this outfit we share....


  1. I love love love your outfit!! So cute! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog :))

  2. seriously adorable. i bet you share the jacket. would love to be able to share clothes with someone. twice the clothes is always a win, win.

  3. thanks for stopping by our blog of random stuff! love your outfit! my mom and i would so not be able to share outfits. she's 5'5 and im 5'11'...not gonna happen. ;)



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