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Goose Egg

Yesterday, the girls (and boy) got to go visit Daddy's new office and have lunch with him.  This was a huge deal to them, and an effective bribe on my end to require good behavior.

On our way out the door, the littlest girl....the one below with the goose-egg on her forehead....had a violent encounter with our gate.  She scraped her knee as well, of which she was the more concerned.  
I don't think her head even hurt compared to the minuscule amount of blood she was suffering from her knee.  Drama queen.  In fact, I've periodically pushed on her head to see if it even hurts her...apparently not.

So much for my hopes of taking our Christmas pictures this weekend.  Her eye-sore of a bruise just won't do...unless I apply layers of foundation, cover-up, and powder....

But then we'd have two girls, a boy, and a doll on our Christmas cards.

Hmmm, nevermind.  I'll just hope it goes away by next weekend.

***Housekeeping:  This is my first family post on this blog.  I plan to merge my family blog with this one.  Stay tuned for a possible name change...again.

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