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Plans of Running

Today I took my three youngest ones to my very good friend's house for a little playdate/girlfriend time.

These pics are courtesy of her. (Thanks, Kiley!)

She has a beautiful house.  Isn't the door lovely?
jacket: DKNY, shirt: Hanes, jewelry: Arttie, belt: Express, jeans: Vigoss, shoes: Target
We made a plan today.  It's kind of a crazy plan in my opinion.

She's going to kick my butt in gear to run a half marathon with her in the spring.

That's crazy for two reasons:

1.  I hate to run.
2.  I don't currently run.
(Although I've totally been planning to....just haven't gotten around to waking up at the crack of dawn to do so.)

But, even though I hate running...and I mean LOATHE....I bet I'll be pretty fond of it when I start having more energy, fitting better into my clothes, and of course when running becomes easier for me, as it most certainly better if I'm going to be doing it frequently and for extended distances!

And what better time to start weather-wise?  It's finally getting below the 100's here!  Hallelujah!

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