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Last Minute

This will probably be the last of my less-than-par background for pics, as we will be moving over the course of this week....

And will have better picture-taking options.
And this will be the last time my neighbors wonder what the heck we're doing early on a Sunday morning posing in front of my house.
I'll have new neighbors that can form their own opinions about us.

lace shirt: Express, cardi: Anne Klein, skirt: Gap, shoes: BCBGirls, purse: Urban Outfitters
The thought of the moving-related chores that await me tomorrow is terribly frightening, and makes my brain automatically go blank from the effort of trying to wrap around it. It's almost as if my brain is rebelling and will avoid all thought of moving unless I absolutely force it to.

The fact that we have several days in which to make our move is a plus.

What is NOT a plus, is that I am a terrible packer.

I don't like it.

I have some sort of packing disorder.  In fact, with anything I've ever packed for, I cannot bring myself to think through what I'll need and actually place items into a suitcase until the last minute.  I've always been like this.  If I try to do it any reasonable amount of time early, I just stare blankly at my clothes and have no idea what to do.

So, if that disorder manifests itself in packing my house...

I'm in trouble.

Until at least Friday....

And then I'll totally get on the ball.


  1. funny. Yeah I've had encounters of neighbours looking at me and wondering what i'm doing posing in front of the house. haha. I love your watch! Where did you get it from? Thanks SO much for following :)

    sherri from

  2. Thanks so much! Watch is Michael it at the outlet but first spied it at Nordstroms.

  3. Love this outfit on you. You are looking fabulous. Is it just your awesome figure coming back or have you been crazy enough to start running? :)



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