Shopping and Stripes

Each year, my mom and I go on a mother/daughter trip.

We have gone all sorts of places...New York City, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Salt Lake City, etc.

Last week, she proposed that we go on our trip (to wherever, as we hadn't previously discussed our options) this holiday weekend.

Well, logistically it was going to be a little too much to plan and execute in such a short time, so we decided to put it off for a while.  Besides, I would have had to take the little guy because he's pretty dependent on me for nourishment and survival, and I'd rather wait until I can really enjoy a trip with just me and her.

So, in place of our annual trip this weekend, we opted to just have a mother/daughter day of pedicures, shopping, and eating!

Shopping is what we do best, so of course we had a blast together!

shirt, pants: CAbi, shoes: Nine West, belt: mommed, bracelets: Brighton
(Please excuse the background of half-dead plants and toys...I had no other option because the sun was blinding my eyes to mere slits everywhere else.)

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