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Calling My Name

Even though we still have a least two more full months of this furnace-like heat here in the south, I am eagerly anticipating getting to wear some of my cooler-weather items.

Every time I walk into my closet, it's as if they're mocking me.....calling my name,

"Kriiiiiistennnnnn.....don't you want to wear us?  Come on....just try us on.  You know you want to."

At the very least, I can dream.

So here are my plans (dreams) for what I'll get to wear when I can get out of the shower and blow dry my hair without immediately perspiring.

I love this little jacket.  It has so many hints of different colors in it, that it can be paired with almost anything....from a white tee and a sleek pencil skirt and burgundy corduroys and boots.  Yum.
This little jacket is so sweet, but pairing it with the right shirt can be tricky due to the pale pink color.  I'll be working on this one in my mind.
Every fall/winter for the past few years, I have loved wearing this fleece vest.  It's super casual, but for here in TX, it's just the right amount of weight over a long sleeve tee on those cool but not cold days.  It makes me feel outdoorsy and want to go hiking.
The North Face
I fell in love with this top half of a suit and bought it without finding the skirt.  In fact, afterwards, I tried to track down my size of the matching skirt at every BR store in the southern U.S., but to no avail.  This is another piece that I absolutely adore, but it's complicated to pair at times.  I like it best with gray slacks or dressy jeans.
Banana Republic
Ahhh, hello my darling leather jacket.  You're my favorite.  I can't wait to wear you the most.  I'll see you in approximately two months, my love.
Okay.  I feel much better.

I like to call this my Cold Weather Wishful Thinking exercise.

I recommend you do this as well....go through your closet and dream about what you'll get to wear this fall/winter.

Repeat at least twice a week.

It will make the countdown more bearable.  I promise.

***Note:  If this does not apply to you because your area of the country is already experiencing fall weather, please disregard.  Also, that is utterly and completely unfair (insert: sticking out my tongue).***

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