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I have three girls and my youngest is a boy.

Finding cute clothing for my girls has really never been an issue.

For one, they have been gifted with so many clothes, for which I am super grateful.

And two, there are three of them, so hand-me-downs run rampant around here.

Factoring in those two things, I've hardly had to buy any of my girls clothes besides a pair of shoes here and some jeans there.  We've really been lucky.

Enter my boy.

Everyone told me that boy clothes aren't nearly as cute, however, after having my fill of girly stuff, I tend to disagree.

Before he was born, he was given some little boy outfits, but he has since grown out of them.  (By the way, he's a baby giant that weighs 18 lbs at 3 months of age.)

So, I recently realized he fits into nothing, leaving me on the hunt for some stylish, cute, boy clothes.

Okay, I need some comments people.

Where can I find dapper but reasonably-priced boy apparel besides the usual places?


  1. The hardest thing about boy clothes is that it is totally hit or miss. Sometimes you walk into the Children's Place and it's full of awesome, cute, on-sale clothes. And then, like magic, there's nothing. I find I have to shop ahead. When I see something that I like, I try to buy it in the next size up, so that I have it when my boys decide to have a growth spurt over the weekend.

    Someday, I hope to get "shopping for girls" advice from you… :)



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