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This is my new favorite nail color for the fall.

A sleek navy blue was my second choice, but I think this one will be most versatile.

It's wicked cool.

It's been said that for a Southern Gal, the three deadly sins are:
1.  Bad Hair
2.  Bad Nails
3.  Bad Manners

Well, I try my best to avoid committing those three...however, my nails tend to slide some of the time.  Not that I have bad nails, I just don't put a whole lot of effort into them.

I plan to work on that, though.
Please excuse the messiness of the polish application.  I promise I'll do better.
Tomorrow, when I have some alone time sans munchkies, I am determined to give myself a decent manicure with my new wicked polish.

I'll admire my nails for about 4.5 hours, until that first awful chip happens.

I'll pretend I don't notice and don't care.

Then, the second and third and fourth will happen.  I just can't ignore that.

Chipped nails is a definite violation of #2 above...which results in me just taking the darn stuff off.

But those few hours of having my "perfect nails" can't be beat.

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