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Stock Show 2017

This year's stock show was something else!  My two oldest girls, Tyler Bree and Riley, showed rabbit meat pens and entered homeskills projects of baked goods and photography.  Being our second year of rabbits, we still don't know that much about them.  Over the course of the month leading up to the show, we had two die...not good.  We also keep them in our garage, which I'm pretty sure is against our HOA.  Shhh, don't tell.

For the baked goods, we chose to submit yeast breads...cinnamon rolls and kolaches.  In hindsight, this was way more work than it was worth.  In looking at what won, we could have totally eased up on the difficulty factor.  I mean, we've been working on perfecting that kolache recipe for months now.  They sure are good tho!

And as for the photography projects, we were absolutely floored when we found out that BOTH girls won Grand Champion!!!!  Riley was in the junior division and Tyler Bree was it was literally a win-win!!!  Thankfully, they were both able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.  We had said that this was the most they've worked on their photos, so most likely, nothing would come of it. ;)  What's even cooler is that both of the girls' pictures that won were photos of our new puppy Margo.  I posted all of the photos they submitted over on my facebook page if you want to take a look.

All in all, it was a good year for the girls.  We'll probably do rabbits again, maybe food, and definitely photography!!!  Until next year!

^^^ Chillin' during the LOOOOOONG rabbit show. ^^^

^^^ Pretty sure her rabbit made the sale celebratory high-five. ^^^

^^^ Tyler Bree in the sale for her photo, with help from her cousin. ^^^

^^^ Already starting on those thank-you notes. ^^^

^^^ Riley receiving her Grand Champion banner and plaque. ^^^

^^^ Sometimes being a little brother is boring. ^^^

^^^ Riley in the sale with her photography, assisted by Tyler Bree. ^^^

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