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Buying Ethically Conscious - A Shopping Guide

Do you use credit card points?  I just recently got the Southwest Airlines card and have made many of my purchases using it just to get points.  It's so great knowing each purchase I make actually goes toward something and makes a difference!  Similarly, as we make purchases and take part in today's marketplace, we have the opportunity to get "points" when we shop ethically...I like to call them "ethically conscious points"...but basically, it's just knowing that you bought from companies who promote fair trade, ethical labor, and environment stewardship...and doing your part to better the world in which we live.  Obtaining these hypothetical points are, in my mind, ways we each can make a difference in another's life.  Who doesn't want more of that?!
While there are MANY ethically conscious companies out there, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorites.  (Several of these can be found locally at Tiaras here in time you're in the boutique, make sure to tell the shop girls I sent you!)

1.  Sseko Designs:

I got my first pair of Sseko sandals from Tiaras Boutique and absolutely LOVE them.  The cherry on top is how wonderful their mission employment opportunities and scholarships to women pursuing their dreams in Uganda.  Sseko strives to empower these women and gives consumers (us) a hand in their admirable mission, as well!  Check out their lines of sandals, booties, flats, etc!

2.  The Giving Keys:

The Giving Keys (also can be found at Tiaras), is a company founded upon employing those transitioning out of homelessness.  The idea is to give your key (with whatever message that key embraces...examples are believe, faith, family, courage, hope, love, truth, etc.) onto someone who needs it more than you.  What a beautiful cycle of paying it forward! 

3.  Purse & Clutch:

Purse & Clutch is an Ethical Handbag boutique that partners with artisans around the world.  These artisans are treated with respect and are paid a fair and living wage for their region.  I personally know the owner, Jen, and she whole-heartedly believes in her company and the quality behind each piece.  I just love that each handbag has a story behind it...and one you get to find out about with each purchase!

4.  Noonday Collection:

Noonday Collection empowers artisans in developing countries to grow sustainable businesses and earn a reliable income for themselves.  You may have heard of Noonday trunk shows or maybe have been to one...their jewelry is so uniquely on-trend...I'm obsessed.  Check out their Fall 2015 collection here.

5.  Sevenly:

A while back, one of my friends turned me on to Sevenly.  They specialize in tees, tanks, sweatshirts, etc. which not only depict a meaningful message, but support various charities.  The causes are varied and'll be sure to find one you can get behind!

6.  The Root Collective:
The Root Collective is a shoe boutique that fights poverty and gang violence through partnering with artisans for a fair wage, as well as giving back a portion of each sale to programs that support these causes.  Their shoes are not only unique, but stylish as well.  How about this striped cute!!!

7.  Bridgewater Candles:
Can I just tell you how heavenly these candles smell???  I have a car freshener of Bridgewater's and it makes me happy each and every time I get in and turn on the car!  Bridgewater Candles donate to rice bowls for orphans to eat overseas.  I don't know about you, but helping children not go hungry is one of the best causes there is!  (Locally, these can also be picked up at Tiaras.)  

8.  Toms:  
Of course most of us have been familiar with Toms for a while...but I only recently discovered just how far-reaching their efforts can be.  Not only do they actively uphold the "one-for-one" shoe program, but they also give aid with medical eye treatment and prescription glasses (via Toms Eyewear), support water systems in seven countries (via Toms Roasting Company), provide training for skilled birth attendants along with materials needed for a safe birth (via Toms bags), and help prevent bullying here in the U.S. (via Toms backpacks).  I love my Toms wedges!

Which ethically conscious brands are YOUR favorite???

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  1. I've always loved Toms, but now I'm definitely going to branch out into other brands! Those keys, sandals, and candles are definitely on my list-they would all make perfect Christmas gifts as well :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista



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