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Our 2015 Word of the Year

As I alluded to last week on Instagram (btw, are we friends on Instagram???  It's by far my favorite social media and I often use it in place of my blog when I don't have hit me up!), we've been working on implementing our family's word of the year for 2015.  GIVE.

While "giving" will serve as a general theme for us Jansens, we decided to start off this month by giving gratitude.  We have so much to be thankful for and as a mother, I want my kids to be aware of all the little (and big) blessings of which we have to be so very grateful!  One way we're doing this is through a "thankful journal".  We got these cute personalized ones from Tiny Prints, completed with our family name and the word "Give".  At different times, whether it be at the dinner table or during family night, we plan to occasionally ask our children what they want to give thanks for...and jot it down in this handy notebook.  This can also serve as a prayer journal in that way, too!

Another way we're "giving" gratitude is through thank you notes.  While there seems to always be a reason to send a thank you note (because of a gift or something of the like), less often are notes sent in thanks...just because.  Tyler Bree wrote one yesterday to our neighbor in thanks for supporting her in her pig showing endeavors and I plan to write a few this week to friends thanking them for being such great examples to me.  When a handwritten note is something rare these days (don't even get me started on cursive no longer being taught), what a great thing for our children to learn and make a habit of doing, especially on super cute stationary!  I know for me personally, nothing can brighten my day more than a thoughtful note...even better if it's one of gratitude.  It makes me smile to know that our "giving" this month is in the form of thoughtfulness and love.

>>> So I'd love to know...does your family do a word of the year???  If so, please leave it in a comment!
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  1. Oh I love your word of the year :) I always strive to give in our every day life but I love that you're focusing the year on giving with your family :) Stopping by from the Weigand's link up. I wasn't following you on IG, but I am now :)

  2. My daughter is only just about to be 2 so we haven't a word of the year all together. But I love this idea! Especially the gratitude journal, and using 'give' as your WOTY. What a great word on all accounts - and especially as a family! Stopping by from On Your Heart :)

  3. It makes me so sad that thank-you notes (& cursive writing!) are becoming things of the past!
    While my family doesn't do a word of the year, my pastor encourages each of the church members to chose a word for themselves...this year I think I have decided on Faith. To be more faithful in school & in doing things that I say I will do, etc.!

    xoxo, SS



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