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Fist Pump Friday

I'd like to start a new series on here called "Fist Pump Friday"...

Which will basically be a blog post about what I'm fist-pumping about lately...because you know, that's such a lady-like gesture.  Picture more Kathleen Kelly rather than Tiger Woods.  So here we go...

My Friday Fist Pumps (round one):

1.  After-Christmas Christmas Tree:  When we moved last spring, we decided to throw out our sad little hand-me-down Christmas tree thinking "Oh, we'll just buy a nice tall one for our new high ceilings.  Well, when November came and I was shopping for a new tree, I quickly realized it wasn't in our budget...especially since we were about to go on our ski trip.  So then I resolved to just wait (yes, you read that correctly...we didn't have a tree this year, except for this itty-bitty thing we "placed" gifts next to) until after Christmas.  Couldn't find ANYTHING ON SALE!!!  Until one day after Christmas perusing Target (as I generally do every other day of the week), and I get offered the 10.5 display tree for $100...with ALL the ornaments included.  Stupid me walks away from that deal and calls Blake, who promptly told me to march back to the salesman, apologize, and tell him I'd be happy to take it off his hands.  The End.  (Oh and there's no box, so we bought this thing.)  Can't wait to put it up next November 1st...fist pump!!!!

2.  Disney Cruise:  Our kids had a pretty minimal Christmas this year...besides the new sibling gift tradition we started and some Christmas jammies, Santa gifts were all they got....because after it was all over, we sent them to our study to watch a video.  I'll save you the viewing, but basically, Blake and I made a video of us talking about our last Disney cruise, showing pictures, etc...then talking about this new year and what it might hold...and then I "surprised" him with news that we're going on another Disney cruise this spring.  I thought we were so creative and fun, but the kids' reactions were less than impressed.  I don't know if they were expecting something like that, or it just took a while to sink in...either way, I'm not letting it deter my own excitement!  Fist pump!
p.s. Read my Disney Cruise vs. Royal Caribbean post HERE.

3.  Bootcamp:  I've only been meaning to get my butt in shape for like EVER, and now especially with the cruise being only a few months I was so pumped when the perfect thing came my way.  "Perfect" being used loosely, as I actually do not enjoy a torturous bootcamp, but my body hopefully will thank me later.  I've started at Camp Gladiator (they have locations literally everywhere), and I really like it so far!  Blake says I need to work on my arms...curls for gurls boy.  My first day I only felt like I was going to puke 4 or 5 times...I'll go ahead and fist pump for that!

4.  New Wheels:  Right before Tyler Bree was born, we bought a crew cab truck that served as our "family car" until Riley was born.  Blake has driven that huge Ford truck ever since and I can happily (and bittersweetly) say that "Old Ruby" was sent off to find another home...and has since been replaced.  This will be the first time since Blake was 15 that he didn't drive a truck....definitely the end of an era for my country-boy husband.  Fist pump for a new family car that holds ALL of us!  (And yes, we still have the 'burb.)

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  1. When I first read the title, I thought it said 'First Pump' and I immediately thought about a breast pump. I think I am obsessed with breastfeeding right now because I can't figure out how to wean Drew, haha! I am way jealous of your tree. I think I want to get a new tree for our new house to have 2 so that one you can see from the street. I want to put it in our office window because you can't see our living room from the street (which is a good thing) and I think it's so pretty when you can see a tree through a window. However, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to have 2 Christmas trees.



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