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Our New Homeschooling Year {& School} Update

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Soooooo, whaddya think???

I'm really happy with my new design and love how it updated my blog, yet kept with my brand.  If you're needing any blog design or something of the like, Danielle is your girl!  Seriously, check her out!


In other news, I've been meaning to post about our new homeschooling arrangement for Tyler Bree.  We've enrolled her in a homeschooling academy just outside of Austin, to which she attends two days a week and then homeschools the other three (or two) days.  This particular school is very math and science heavy, while having a strong nature-based setting.  They provide the curriculum, so it takes out the guess work of what to teach, etc.  So far she loves do I.  I really like that she gets instruction from her (very experienced teacher...this is in no way a co-op), and that she feels a sense of responsibility to get her work done at home because she's doing it for her teacher, not me.  If that sounds skewed, that's just how she and I work...strong-headedness at its best, or worst.  #storyofmylife #motheranddaughter

I'll definitely keep updating on the benefits of this method of homeschooling, as well as any roadblock we run into.  For anyone interested in homeschooling and/or homeschooling curriculum, I'll also post some specifics on her subject studies soon.

>>> I'd really love to hear from any of my readers that were homeschooled...what you liked/benefits/etc.  

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