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How to Make Your Closet Current (Not Trendy) This Fall

There are few thing more frustrating than having somewhere to go, looking at your closet and having NOTHING to wear.  Sure, your closet is full of clothes, but you still are at a total lack for outfit options...ever been there?  I loathe that feeling (I know, first world problems, right?).  Because what ends up happening is you just throw something together that will "work" but doesn't make you feel your best...and did you know feeling good in what you wear is majorly reflected in your demeanor, outlook, and mood...basically life in general.  So it's quite important, friends.

Fall is my favorite time of year for adding a few new pieces to my closet.  One, because it's usually the time of year that I yell to Blake, "I have NOTHING to wear!!!!"  And two, who doesn't love fall clothes?

The creme de la creme of fall style every year can be found in all the September issues of magazines...especially the notorious issue of Vogue.  While those high fashion, glossy pages are beautiful and inspiring, it's difficult to translate them into a life that doesn't exist on the runway.  Thankfully, there are some other great publications that do a fabulous job of spotlighting on-trend (I didn't say trendy), affordable options for everyday wear.  After perusing these mags, I've come up with some essentials that will keep your look up to date this year...not necessarily trendy, but current for sure.  All four of these styles are wardrobe essentials that will update your closet...meaning, they're here to stay and worth the purchase....and not to mention at attractive price points.
And hopefully, just hopefully...those "I have nothing to wear" moments will be few and far between.

:: Suede booties are a MUST::
To update your closet, it's important to find out what pieces have gone from trendy to staple.  Booties fall into that category, so don't worry that you'll only get to wear these a few seasons...they've got staying power!
>>> Best Deal:  Check out the black Old Navy ones! <<<

:: Black & Gray Denim ::
Give your jean collection a little break by adding in some variation to the classic blue.  Black denim and gray scale options are definitely here to stay and are found to be quite slimming!
>>> My Favorite Pick:  Black denim skinnies from Gap <<<

:: Leopard Flats & Heels are the new Neutral::
Leopard print accessories fall into the category I mentioned above...a closet staple.  The great thing about leopard is that it can be worn as a neutral, whether it's shoes, bags, scarves, etc.  Style tip:  Stripes and other animals prints can be used a neutrals, as well.
>>> Best band for your buck:  Leopard print ankle strap heels from DSW <<<

:: Fall into Autumn with's EVERYWHERE ::
Now plaid IS a heavy trend this Fall...and it's my favorite of them all because of it's versatility.  Plaid can be worn casual (as with the shirts below) or dressed up in a skirt, scarves, trousers, you name it!  Get you some tartan, aye? 
>>> Will stay current for seasons to come:  Plaid button-up from Gap <<<

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