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I'll See You at See's!

Last week, I was invited to a media event for the grand opening of See's Candies here in Austin.  Not only did I jump at the chance to go, but I knew the perfect "plus one" to take with friend Julie, who's a See's fanatic to the core.

The evening consisted of some history of See's (super interesting by the way), a Lucy and Ethel style box packing race (in fact, they got the idea for that I Love Lucy episode from See's), and LOTS of chocolate eating.  They sent us home with enough chocolate to last at least until Easter!

Some cool things I learned about See's...

-See's Candies uses no added preservatives.  Thumbs up!
-The company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway...which basically means Warren Buffet.  Clearly, it's a stellar company.
-Once a mom and pop shop in California, See's has become a hugely national brand, and they're currently taking it eastward...hello Austin!
-Employees truly love working for See's and their retention rate is amazing...employees have been at Sees for decades!  You can really see their pride in how they speak about See's!

For you locals, the new Austin Sees is located at 10710 Research Blvd.  I highly recommend checking them out...and when you do, make sure to get the Scotchmallows (heaven), the Bordeaux (party in your mouth), and the Jellybird Eggs (you've never had anything like this, I promise).  Sees has an enormous selection of specialty candy just for's quite a cultural phenomenon in California, and I foresee it becoming the same for Austinites, as Sees will be a traditional go-to for holidays!

What's YOUR favorite See's Candy???

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  1. Ohhhh my goodness!!! I'm slightly upset I wasn't your plus one :) ...just a quick plane ride away :) I love that I love Lucy episode with the chocolates. Now I'm wanting some See's Candy!!

  2. I love their peanut butter eggs, but was sad to see that they are not carrying them this year. The butterscotch lollipops are a fav b/c they remind me of my dad, and the 1lb nuts and chews is the go-to gift for my mom (mother's day is coming up!!!).

    1. I know!!!! I want to go back up there to get some Easter candy for the kids!



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