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Austin Fun: Wiener Dog Races

As I mentioned yesterday, we attend wiener dog races this past weekend...but these are no ordinary dog

Our little town's infamous Wiener Dog Races make up an entire weekend festival of rides, food, live music, booths, and most importantly...the racing of Dachshunds. People come from all around with their dogs in hopes of bringing home first place...or for some, having their dog simply finish the race for bragging rights.
Did you know wiener dogs are easily distracted by hundreds of screaming onlookers???  Yeah, shocker.

The best part is watching the owners.  They go to any and all lengths to get their wiener dogs to run as fast as their stubby legs and carry them, all the way to the finish line.  Hilarious, people.  Absolute hilarity.

We didn't stay too long, but gave the girls and Bennett the chance to play and run around.  The girls rode the little ponies, and Blakely's face was pure joy the entire time.  I love watching my children experience things for the first time!  Bennett opted out, but maybe next time...

You know, even though I talk about how much our area has grown and how it's not the small town in which I grew up...going to this little festival still gives a small town feel.  I know fewer people than I once did, but that sense of a tight community still exists...however diluted it may be.

So if you're looking for some cheap family fun (and personal amusement)...I'm telling you,
Wiener Dog races are where it's at.

Have you ever been???

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  1. so funny! what great photos!

  2. This is so amazing! I love weiner dogs :) This festival looks like so much fun.
    I'm new to your blog! Are you an Austin, TX resident?

    xoxo Chelsea Francis



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