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A Momma's Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated my mom's birthday.  It was the first one in decades she's celebrated without my dad at her side.  She and I both knew exactly just how he would have made her day special had he still been here, which made the absence even more acute...she was dreading the day.  So of course, Blake and I had to try our best to make it an exceptional day for her...more so than usual.

We went out to McKinney Falls State Park just east of Austin.  My mom loves doing stuff like this, especially with her grandchildren.  I had gone to Trader Joe's (we just got one here in Austin) the previous day to get all sorts of picnic goodies for us...and oh my goodness, I think I could write a post solely dedicated to that wonderful place.  It pains me that it's 30 minutes away!  Anyway, we had fun eating new and interesting food, hiking, opening gifts, and living on the edge, as the below picture clearly depicts.  :)

^^^ I LOVE this one of them! ^^^

^^^ This picture is one of those that I can look at and go, well there's my heart right there, living in those four little souls.  Sometimes I can't believe they're mine. ^^^

Anyway, our day at the park was a success...mission completion.  My mom truly enjoyed herself and I'd like to think it maybe lessened the pain of Daddy's absence on her day just a little least I hope so.  I often look at her in wonder at how amongst great trials she has always been a constant strength and woman of immense faith.  As her child, I can't remember a single way she erred in my upbringing, which gives me quite a lofty goal for which to aim when bringing up my own.   After Daddy's passing, I've become extremely protective of her, which has added even another dimension to our least on my end.  I know without a doubt that God put her on this Earth for me and my children.

I love my momma so very much and am so blessed to be her daughter...
She's so much more to me than I can simply express in words.

And it's also pretty spectacular that we can share clothes (double closets),
however God had a sense of humor when he made our feet different sizes.

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  1. looks like a great time!

  2. Your mom has such a sweet, sweet soul!



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