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Our Word Of the Year-2014

Good Monday to ya', friends!!!!

When I was going through my favorite style posts of 2013 last week, I realized there were quite a few of me with my kids that I loved looking back on.  Usually, mommas don't get in front of the camera too often...they're always behind it, but I'm sure glad I made a point to do so in 2013.  Here's a few of my favorites with my little ones...

Also, I'm over at Austin Moms Blog today talking about our family's word of 2014...which we decided would be


Each month, our family will focus on a specific way we can grown...whether it be our testimonies, our talents, a garden, our love, etc.  My hope is that this year, we can better ourselves both individually and as a family through our growth.  I also want make an effort to spend more time offline...without my phone in my hand, emails can wait, Facebook isn't important.  My kids need their momma present, and with all that we have going on, it's going to take a strict schedule on my part to make sure activities, homeschooling (yeah, you read that right...more on that tomorrow), and other fluff doesn't get in the way of quality time with our children.

I'd love to hear some of your goals!
Specifically, do you make goals or resolutions?
And how do you measure your progress?

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  1. Hey Kristen - A while back you posted that you were going to cut down or alleviate the sugar consumption in your household and you would write more on it later. I might have missed your follow-up post and am very interested in how you are accomplishing this! If you have already posted, could you point me where to look? If not, could you expound on it at some point? Many thanks!

  2. great photos!! so gorgeous.

  3. What a fabulous fashionable year you had!
    Cant wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!
    Happy New Year!!

    The Retail Therapist

  4. Girl.. If you're homeschooling, I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm on the fence (with plenty of time to decide) so you go ahead and discover all the tricks of the trade, and I'll just ride in on your coat tails, mmkay? ;)



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