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Tails of a Tiger Party

^^^Pun Intended^^^

Last weekend, we had a little tiger-themed mock slumber party (kids only stayed until 10pm...I'm not letting my kids stay over at friend's houses, so I certainly don't ask that of other parents.  And after that night, I'm pretty sure it would've been nuts....a dozen little girls get cray-cray!)

I made Tiger Tails (top right), Tiger Brownies (bottom left), and had a local baker make the cupcakes.  I thought my husband and I would tag-team this little soiree, however, he ended up manning the dogs (some of the girls were scared of them) and the two little munchkies upstairs.  So I flew solo...

And as a result...I can say I've officially arrived as a mom of little girls.

These are seriously the ONLY pictures I got of the whole night...and they were with my iPhone.  I guess I was a little busy.  :)  I loved getting to paint their faces, but we ran out of time for the tiger fingernails.  Isn't girly stuff so fun!?!

Tyler Bree had a blast and I think (I hope) it was exactly what she had "envisioned" when she asked to have a Tiger Slumber Party.

The girl is obsessed with tigers!  




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  1. I love their facepaint! This is an excellent party theme!!

  2. No slumber parties!? That was pretty much the best part about being 7-17, although they didn't get very large or official until we were about 9.

    Super cute theme, though. I love that it's not all pink/purple/glitter fairies!

  3. Those desserts are too cute!




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