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How To Dress Like Your {Patriotic} Momma

Are you tired of me telling you just how much I love the Fourth of July?

Well, if this is news to you, I just luuuuuuv the 4th.

It's my second favorite holiday.

Oh and know what???

I love Independence Day.  Betcha didn't know that, did ya?  :)

And you know what else?

I'm proud to be an American....Where at least I know I'm free!

Okay I'll stop now.  Until Thursday, and then I can't be held responsible for my patriotism.

I also love patriotic music, dressing in Red, White, and Blue....
and above all-Fireworks.

And this girl...who let me dress her like her momma yesterday for church.

On me: bag, bracelets, and necklace: Stella & Dot, earrings (exact): Kendar Scott, shirt (exact): CAbi, skirt (option) and shoes (option): Target

I know there is a very small window of time that my daughter will be okay with this.  But I'll take it while I can.
What are you plans for the 4th???

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  1. Aw you guys both look ADORABLE! And I love your shoes!


  2. i noticed you were decked out in S&D right away! ;) love!

  3. I love that she let you dress her like you. So adorable! I would do that all the time if I had a girl (and kinda do it now that I have boys) :-)

  4. What a super fun look! And the 4th is a pretty awesome holiday ;)

  5. I love your patriotic look & that you dressed alike with your daughter. I always wanted to buy those mom & daughter outfits from the JC Penny catalog as a kid, but thankfully my mom never did it. I'm sure those pics would really be something now...

  6. Oh gosh I love this outfit!!! haha and I love that she let you dress her like you! As a child I used to HATE when my mom would do this to me and my sisters. As a mom... I won't lie... I may or may not be looking forward to it haha Oh how things have changed right?

  7. Cute outfit and LOVE those shoes!

  8. Oh you two both look great! She is so precious and I just love your outfit. That bag is fantastic!

  9. I love your red skirt! The both of you look great, and very patriotic! :)



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