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{More Of} What I Wore: Washington D.C.

To round out the week of my Washington pics and recaps, here's some more of what I wore in D.C.  The weather perfectly facilitated just the right amount of layering for my taste.  I always have fun with what I pack for vacations (that's not to be confused with having good packing skills, because I certainly have the worst), but I like to be a little overdressed when on "holiday"
(said with a sharp British accent).

Do you tend to dress more casual or dressy when traveling?
For comfort or style???

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  1. I dress for comfort when traveling but you look great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I dress for comfort at the airport and style when at my destination. :) You look super cute! Loving the stripes!

  3. Great outfits! I love the trench and the stripe tee. I dress for comfort definitely.

  4. i always dress up when traveling. my family is pretty old fashioned so whenever we got on a plane, my dad wore a suit and we all dressed accordingly. plus, everyone in my neighborhood wears yoga pants 24/7 so it's nice to dress up when i'm away from home and not feel like a total outsider ;)

  5. It depends a lot on where I'm going. My normal state of dress would probably cause a riot in India, but in the US, I definitely like to have fun with my outfits! Especially if the destination weather is different than home and I get to pull out clothes I haven't worn in a while!

  6. Normally dressing styles suits for each people differently and this suits you well.



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