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9 For Nine

Even though our anniversary was over a week ago, I thought I'd just brag on my husband a little bit and let you in on what he did for me...
I was completely blown away!!!

Since this was our 9th anniversary, he did a 9 day count down of gifts for me.  Some of them were little, some more meaningful, and some just things I've been wanting for a while.

And the last one was sort of not planned.  I really think he didn't know what he was going to do for the actual "day of" anniversary gift besides going on a date, but the situation kinda fell in our lap and was too good to pass up.

And I ain't complaining!

We had been talking about "someday" getting a burb just because the space in the back of our Yukon was so tiny...and with our family of 6, we acutely felt that lack of space on a daily basis.  I really like this new car (and I'm sure it will continue to grow on me), but I get really attached to vehicles, so I'm still mourning the loss of "Blue Steel." ( We were notified she was already sold.)

Two side notes to mention:
1.  Due to my husband's stellar car detailing skills, I think our trade in price was more than what it would have been...and at the time he did it, we weren't even planning on all of this!!!

2.  In case you're feeling a little sorry for my husband right about now, fear not...he got some decent gifts.  I wasn't anywhere as creative as he was, but I tried to make him feel special, too....and I think that's one of the most important things in a marriage, don't you?

He also made it clear that I shouldn't expect this every year....A disclaimer I think he could have waited a couple of weeks to drop.  (Way to take the romance out of it, Honey.)  Part of me wants to be outraged and shout, "You think I take it for granted and would assume you'd do all of this every year???  What kind of spoiled wife do you think I am!?!  Psh!")

And the other part of me wants to ask, "Why not?"


(not really....)

(okay, I wouldn't be mad if...)

(Nevermind...we've still got a year.)

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  1. :) So sweet! Happy 9th anniversary, Kristen! So sweet--even if he's only this sweet every few years or so. ;)

  2. What a cute hubby! Such a fun anniversary. I love love <3

  3. Those are some pretty sweet gifts. Happy Anniversary! And my husband also occasionally has a bad habit of spoiling the moment by saying something like, "Don't expect presents like this all the time."


  4. He really did do a great job!!!! Wow!! And even though he told you not to expect it next year's your 10th!!! He's going to have to do something amazing :-)



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