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5 Tips For Taking Kids to Concerts

Tuesday night was Taylor's (first name basis) concert.  We rode up there together with my SIL and niece, but had seats in different sections....the sections being approximately a football field away from the stage.   Seriously, I could hardly see her.  Thank goodness for those big screens.

Ed Sheeran was really good as her opener.  I didn't know too much about him prior, but a ginger guy with an accent playing the heck out a guitar is always good in my book.  My girls were pretty board with him, though.  Psh, kids.

Taylor was so gracious to pose for pictures with us a mere 30 minutes before her cool is she???  (wink, wink)

It was an experience I hope my two oldest daughters never forget.  It was their first concert EVER.  And Taylor Swift puts on a memorable show for sure.  I did learn a few lessons, though, if we ever do this again with kids:

1.  Stash more snacks in the hidden confines of my purse:  My girls were so hungry and I had run out of cash after a $4 bag of Skittles and a $4 bottle of water....and that was even after eating the two bars I had packed for them.

2.  As a parent, be prepared to possibly not actually "watch" most of the show:  I didn't realize that most people stand the whole time at a Taylor Swift concert, therefore, I was continuously maneuvering my girls around so that they could see.  There was an old lady sitting behind me, so I didn't want to stand in case I would be blocking her view.  Basically, this was all for my girls, so I didn't mind not seeing a whole lot.

3.  Break down and get your kid a lighty-up, blinking thing-a-ma-jig:  Just trust me on this will save your ears.

4.  If you have to dress comfortably at the expense of dressing how you really want to, just go with it:  We did this, which paid off in all the walking that was required to and from the venue.  Besides, I always like to be dressed down a bit when it comes to my kids...maybe it's just my lazyness.

5.  Have snacks for your kids in the car post-concert:  Thankfully, we had some leftover pizza rolls from dinner, but otherwise, we would have been famished with nothing to eat but our arms.  Traffic is usually bad leaving a big event like this, so food is always best to have on hand with tired, hungry, and probably impatient kids.

Do you have any "pointers" when taking kids to concerts?
Please share!!!

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  1. Great tips! I'm a concert junkie myself, so I cannot WAIT until my daughter gets into concerts. I'm going to be one of those crazy moms who's more into it than she is, haha. She's only 2, so I have a couple more years at least, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun despite the far away seats.

  2. Haha this reminds me of my mom taking us to concerts when I was little. I remember that she wouldn't take my brother to one and he was SO mad. He was only 4 or 5, though, and into everything!

  3. We are going to see Taylor Swift this Saturday and it's my 11 year old daughter's first concert too! Very excited!

  4. Great tips! Love the pics with Taylor. She just looks so picture perfect :) Glad the girls had a great time.

  5. First of all you & your girls looked PRESH!!! Secondly, amazing show. Thirdly, perfect tips that suited the night exactly!!!

  6. Wish my parents had heeded #3. I never got a lighty-up blinking thing-a-ma-jig no matter how much I screamed. Sounds like you guys had a really fun time though! Taylor's really good first concert material!

  7. My girls would have LOVED that! It looks like you guys had tons of fun and awesome tips :)
    Messy Dirty Hair sent me!



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