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10 Tips on How to Stay Exhausted

Day 2:  Something I Know A Lot About

1.  Set a bedtime.  Or not.  It won't matter.
2.  Blog.  Blogging can kill at least 2 solid hours at night...even more if it's after 11pm when your eyelids get droopy and your brain starts to misspell words like "water."
3.  Get caught up in no less than four can't miss T.V. shows.  Make sure they come on late, such as Nashville.
4.  Have kids.  'Nuf said.
5.  Decide to have major life conversations with your husband at midnight-thirty.  Bonus points for making an impromptu pro/con list to aid in decision-making.
6.  Never forget to play Song Pop once you get in bed.  And definitely play each and every game "waiting" for you.
7.  Ask your children to please make sure to wake you up at least 6 times in the middle of the night to let you know they have to pee or just to chat about Star Wars.  Also, see #4.
8.  Give your dog lots to eat and drink right before you go to bed so that he has to pee and/or throw up in the middle of the night.
9.  Drink caffeine after 8pm.  For purposes of #2.
10.  Make sure your kids wake you up earlier on weekends than they do on weekdays...this is an absolute requirement that's non-negotiable.  Also, see #4.

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  1. ha! this is great. i definitely did not take the funny route on today's prompt. funny and i don't get along very well :) not when i try at least.

  2. hilarious.
    see this from huffington post

    xx- julie

  3. Oh gosh, I totally feel you on half of this list. Definitely a funny and all too relatable read!



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