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They Changed

After being away from my family for several days....this is what I came home to:
 Is it obvious to you?

No, probably not.

You see, the last time I left my kids for a while, I came back to different children.  They had changed and grown in just a few least to me they had.  I remember one particular time, I just couldn't stop looking at and hugging them because they were so different than the last time I had seen them.  It happened this time too, but more prominently with just the younger two, as the older ones' growth has slowed to where it's not as apparent.

My three year old had gotten taller, her hair grew longer, and her attitude intensified.
(Just kidding on that last one...kinda.)

Even though I specifically ordered them NOT to get any bigger or older or wiser during the three and a half days I was gone, it did no use.  They didn't heed my firm motherly instructions.

But someday they'll understand where those orders were coming from...

From a place where a momma doesn't want to miss a thing.
From a place where a momma's heart breaks a little bit when she realizes her children changed without her there to witness it.
And from a place where a momma's love has no bounds.

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  1. Breaks this momma's heart too! I'm still in shock and awe at how old my kids are. Where did the time go?!



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