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Roadtrip Recap + A Gal You'll Want to Meet

Well, I'm happy to report we made it back home with minimal tears and some fun memories made.

The highlight for me was getting to see the joy in the eyes of my three year old riding a carousel for the first time.  I'm SO glad I had my camera with me to catch it!

And the little man was such a trooper even though it sure doesn't look like it here...I'd love to know what he was thinking at this moment....probably something not very favorable towards his momma.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were so gracious to have us as their guests.  I imagine it's slightly disruptive having four children occupy your house (even if I tried my best to minimize our child "footprint" there).  Thanks to them for inviting us!

Now, I'd like to introduce to you a gal that you'll quickly love.  Not only is she a L&D nurse, but she also has an amazing baby shop you'll completely fall for that focuses on must-have accessories for newborn photo ops.  I mean, this little herringbone bowtie had me at hello....and at herringbone....and at bowtie.  Seriously, check the girl out!

<<<<I'm Elizabeth>>>>
20 something year old,
{no really, I say 20 something because I can never remember how old I am, I have to ask my husband}

living a pretty ordinary life in a small town where I was "born and raised"
I love my husband and my daughter and couldn't imagine life without them...

I wish I could tell you I was a stay at home mom,
but I have bills to pay and a Gap card{what? my baby dresses well}
so how do I manage it all?
I work nights, as a labor and delivery nurse!
{really, it's only 2 nights a week}
that's right, I sacrifice sleep...
<<<which is something I love dearly>>>
while my family sleeps, I bring life in the world
and then I don't miss much at home!
except my comfy bed...

I started my blog as a place to journal my family... 
and it has grown into my very own hobby...
My blog is a place where you will find snip-its from our day to day life
a place where I share my love of DIYa place where I share new lovelies from my shop
a place where I can pretend to be a photographer
a place where I can brag on my kids
{well, I only have 1 kid, but the plural just sounds better and maybe someday, well, yea}
a place where I can confessconfide and call it like it is...
stop by my little bloggie
and say hello...
and thank you so much to Kristen for having me today!

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