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Little Bit About Nothin'

This is one of those days I don't have anything really to blog here's what's on my mind:

:::I wish I had an outfit post, but this dang non-daylight savings time makes that pretty impossible, as my husband gets home well after dark on most days.

:::Tomorrow, I'm taking my four kids to Houston to visit my SIL and go to the Houston Zoo for their Christmas "Zoolights".  It should be a grand long as I survive the drive there and back.  Plenty of mommas have done it before, right?  Traveled alone with four kids, that is.  If you don't hear from me by Saturday, please send help....preferably with Diet Dr. Pepper in hand.
(follow along with our little trip on Instagram @kjansen)

:::Check out my mister this time last year.  It's quite amazing what one year will do.  Basically, he's stayed the same weight but just grew into his cheeks and eyebrows a bit.

:::Our first of many Christmases start Friday.  Then two on Saturday.  I'm almost done with my shopping...and still waiting on some shipments to come in.  It's getting so close!!!!  I'm looking forward this Sunday to singing all the Christmas songs at church.  I think there should be a rule that we must sing Christmas hymns the entire month of December.

Welp.  If you've made it this far...thanks for hanging in this completely random post.  I'll try to post some highlights from H-town tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!!

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