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It Was a Life Changer

I was going to do another outfit post today.  Or I was going to do a full re-cap (I have some great pics and stories to share) of our vacation last, last weekend....

But really, I just keep coming back to what a life changing trip we had.  And when I say life changing, I mean actually seeing our life with new eyes.  Our experience going to General Conference was great....but what I refer to is the experience we had as a couple.

You see....with four little ones, busy schedules, stresses of life...we desperately needed this getaway.  We try to have date nights now and then, but this extended time we spent together was an experience we could have never achieved on a mere date night.

To err on the side of getting a little too personal, I feel like I should share this mainly because I wish that every couple could/does have quality time together to assess their recharge their rededicate themselves to their family see where improvement is needed and make necessary changes.  These conversations wouldn't have been as successful under any other circumstances in terms of being alone, time, stress, time, and did I mention time?

We were blessed to have our parents help with our children, allowing us to leave them for five days (first time leaving all our children for that long).  I am so grateful for a husband who loves me (and our children) unconditionally and provides for our family selflessly.

My prayer is that we will be consistent with our redirections...and that our lives will be blessed because of it.

Amen.  :)

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