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High 5: Five Things You Should Be Eating This Summer

Even though I abhor summer weather, there are many perks to the warmer months...especially the seasonal fruits and herbs I can't get enough of!

Here's my top 5 yummies you should be eating this summer....hurry and fill your tummies before fall gets here!

1.  Watermelon Agua Fresca-We perpetually have watermelon in our house during the summer months.  I'm not that great at picking out good ones, so with the 'okay' watermelons, I end up making this sweet, refreshing drink with mint from my garden.  So yummy and easy!

2.  Strawberry Lime Smoothie-Only 3 ingredients needed....limeade or margarita frozen concentrate, frozen (or fresh) strawberries, and a half can of sweetened condensed milk.  Blend.  Perfect for a family dessert to enjoy in the evenings out on the porch.

3.  Peach Basil Salsa-The fabulous PW came up with this delight.  I could eat it plain or on ice cream as pictured.  I think this might even work with fish tacos!

 4.  Frozen Grapes-My kids are obsessed with these right now.  I grew up eating frozen grapes and they hold a special place in my heart....and my mouth!

5.  Fresh Tomatoes (preferably from one's garden)-I eat mine sliced with a little salt and pepper....there are few things better in life than this, my friends.  Of course, I don't complain if a little basil and mozzarella make an appearance, too.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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