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Dumped and Getting Ready

I know you were just dying to know what I keep in my new yacht-size I dumped it out.  I'm using no where near full capacity of what that baby can hold, but just wait.  I'll be there before the weekend is over.

I'm getting ready for my sister-in-law's wedding festivities beginning with the rehearsal dinner tonight, so today involves:

-Getting my hair done. (Why do I have to fight the urge to write "did"?  psh.)
-Attempting to put on false eyelashes, which is NOT one of my many strengths, so I welcome any helpful hints please.
-Coordinating a schedule to get myself (bridesmaid), my husband (groomsman), our daughters (all three are flower girls) and the little mister ready (that's a whole other list) and on time to the venue....with my mother's help, thank heavens.
-Making sure dresses are steamed, shirts are ironed, children are bathed, etc.
-Packing all the miscellaneous things that will no doubt come up as necessary on the day of the wedding.

Happy Friday everyone!  I'll be tweeting throughout our eventful weekend, so you can follow along with me @kristennjansen.

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