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Dropping the Ball

I feel like I've dropped the ball a bit.

Several things lately on which I've fallen short....

-I feel as if I haven't given my kids the summer they deserve.

-I haven't been as active in the blogging community as I would like to (and should be).

-I haven't been teaching in the home as I had planned to do this summer.

Basically, I feel like I haven't had the time, but that's not an excuse.  I should be making the time if I feel that those things are important to me, right?  I certainly think so.

So today, I made a resolution in an attempt to remedy the first of the above shortcomings I listed.  We have roughly a month left of summer to make it a good one.  I asked my girls what fun things they'd like to do before school starts.  Of course their ideas included going to Disney World, watching Star Wars night and day or eating their weight in candy.  So I came up with a few well as a plan to put into action.

For the next month, we will have an activity schedule outlined on our family calendar for everyone to see...or at least everyone over 5 feet tall, as it hangs fairly high.  These activities can be done at home or don't require spending money (except for a possible trip to the zoo if I can get some one to go with me, as it's kinda challenging for me to do things like that by myself with all four munchkies).

After morning chores and scripture study, we will look at the calendar to 'discover' what the day holds for us.  Here's a few ideas I've come up with so far.  I'd love (and need) some suggestions, as an entire month's worth is a lot to come up with.

1.  Go to the library, check out a book, and do a craft centered around that story
2.  Play games that we already have, but never play (i.e. memory, Go Fish, etc.)
3.  Art projects (get simple ideas from Pinterest)
4.  Cooking
5.  Swimming (neighborhood pool and our little one in the yard)
6.  Riding bikes (has to been done in early morning hours to prevent a family-wide heat stroke)
7.  Make jewelry (think pasta and yarn)
8.  Service project for a neighbor or friend
9.  Making up a story and act it it, too
10.  Science experiment
11.  Do an exercise DVD all together (can't you just see my little guy in downward dog?)
12.  Visit the capitol building downtown

Even if these don't materialize every single day for the next month, that's okay.  At least it will be better than being "bored" or watching T.V....and who knows....maybe we'll experience some unexpected adventure or make a memory we'll cherish forever.  Or maybe we'll just laugh a whole lot and be silly.

As far as the other things I'd like to improve upon, I think they'll just have to come as they will...

day by day....

when I have time...

if I remember...

And if still, nothing improves....

At least I can say I'm trying.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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